Hurricane Isabel Flood Benefit!

On September 23, 2003, my family scrambled madly to salvage what we could from our home in the few minutes we had before the waters of Goose Creek claimed it. We survived and our animals (pets and livestock) survived, as did some of our most cherished belongings. The house also survived - mostly. However, the damage was extensive: we have had to essentially gut the ground floor and rebuild the entire interior structure. Four feet of river water and what it brought with it pretty much destroyed everything that didn't make it upstairs, including all our major appliances.

Artemis (fabulous dancer, incredible teacher, and one of the most special people I've ever known), generously offered to perform in a benefit to help us replace all those household essentials that were not covered by the Federal Flood Insurance (they depreciate all those appliances - Ouch!). Many other Washington, DC area dancers also offered their performances to help us.

The "Flood Benefit" was a Middle Eastern Dance lover's delight - over a dozen dancers and a fabulous buffet at the Bombay Tandoor restaurant in Tysons Corner. Click on the link for the after action report. And please check out the Willow Hawk Farm website to keep up to date on our rebuilding progress and other items of interest.

And thank you, Artemis and Friends! We love you all.