Here are some links to some sites that may be of interest to Middle Eastern dancers and Middle Eastern dance aficionados:

Artemis - My teacher - I couldn't ask for more! This woman puts more into her dance than the rest of us can receive - Thank you, Artie, for all you give! Artemis is one of the premier Turkish style dancers in the US - don't pass up the opportunity to study in one of her dance camps or workshops!

Asharah - A good friend and inspiration - and an awesome dancer! If her Turkish style dance brings Artemis to mind, there's a good reason!

Rakkasah - Incredible Middle Eastern dance festivals and week long workshops - East Coast in the fall, West Coast in the spring. Wow!

Morocco - If you can catch one of her performances, you're in for a treat. And her workshops are terrific. And there is a ton of info on her site - enjoy!

Shira - Shira's site is one of the most informative and comprehensive MED sites I've ever seen - if you can't find it here, it just may not exist.

Fat Chance Belly Dance - A great site to get your introduction to American Tribal Style (ATS), and a good source of tribal costuming components.

WAMEDA - Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association.

A Woman's Spirit - Wendy Youssef's studio in northern VA, and home of Troupe Arabesque, an ATS troupe.

Michael McGowan - A phenomenal photographer, and one of the best photographers for dancers you could ever find. All the studio photos on this site, including the one over the navigation buttons, are his. Michael will be photographing dancers at Studio Artemis on January 24, 2004. See the calendar for details.

Roger Wood - Another really great photographer with an eye for dancers. Some of the performance photos on this site are his.

Willow Hawk Farm - If you love Middle Eastern food, especially lamb, and you like to cook it yourself (or would like to learn more), or if you want a bit of costuming assistance (the proprietess fits and alters Zarqaa's costumes, as well as costumes for other Washington area dancers), or if you have a desire to learn all sorts of what the owner refers to as "fiber arts" (spinning, weaving, knitting, and such), or need supplies for these arcane arts, here's your personal Mecca.